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What have made us to be so successful in treating infertility?temperature-first_month.jpg

Sophie has combined her knowledge in modern medical sciences very well with the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and developed excellent experience in differentiation and treatment of various types of infertility. She has established a quite unique way to let her clients monitor the progress of treatments themselves, so that they always know how much difference the treatments are making and the distance remaining towards the aim - having wonderful babies.

Examples of success?

Below is a real recent case:temperature-two_month.jpg

Miss JR, aged 41, never pregnant, visited Sophie on 07/06/11. When the period came, her blood got dark clots and suffered PMT symptoms. She often suffered dry bowel movement during ovulation and before period. In addition, she suffered a string of health problems including IBS, blotting, constipation and diarrhoea, poor sleeping and, quite frequently, the cystitis. Her feet were always cold but whole body was hot time to time in a day, particularly in nights. There were other signs of uncomfort, such as dry month etc.

One week after treatments, she felt the body wastemperature-three_month.jpg less hot than before, sleep was improved and felt less tired and less stressful. In general, she started to feel positive.

After 2 weeks treatments, her bowel movement was getting better and blotting less, feeling more positive.

After 3 weeks she got period and discovered that there was less dark clots in blood, felt less pain and PMT symptoms were significantly relieved. More encouraging, her feet were gradually becoming warm.

Her temperature chart in first month (please see the right top chart) was very poor with no ovulation.temperature-four_month.jpg

During 7-10 weeks, the temperature chart showed that she got ovulation and the curve was better than last month.

During 11 -14 the chart showed a remarkable improvement and she got ovulation and luteal phase.

During 15-18 weeks, the chart (right bottom) showed that she got ovulation and, amazingly, natural pregnancy was confirmed !!!

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